Where once the traditional burger was seen purely as a fast food option, gourmet bear grill burgers are knocking tradition on the head. The Bear Grill have created a nutritious sophisticated product using the best and freshest ingredients available. Innovative and exotic combinations bring together the freshest produce prepared with care and attention to maximise flavour. The Bear Grill menus offer an extensive range of freshly prepared burgers to suit all tastes and appetites.

Main Menu

From 24oz Pure Staffordshire Beef Burgers to freshly made Salads

Sundaes & Desserts

From superb Sticky Toffee Pudding to a tantalising Trio of Ice Cream
The Bear Grill Desserts

Cubs Menu

From Pure Staffordshire Beef Burgers to Breaded Fish Goujons

Sunday Offer

Sunday Special Offer

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